On Duty Procedures

  • Upon arriving at the Alley, check in on the Maker Coach Check In/Out form and put on your Maker Coach vest.
  • Place your backpack, jacket, and any similar items in the Maker Coach cubbies in the office.
  • Proceed to having one Maker Coach in the office and one Maker Coach out walking around the space (especially in the Safety Area).
  • Check the Alley over quickly for any loose tools that are not currently being used. Place these tools back in their proper storage location.
  • Check the Alley for any considerable messes, such as debris or scrap material. Vacuum, sweep, or throw out this debris and place larger still-usable pieces which have been left behind into appropriate storage.
  • Check to see what tools are checked out and be aware of who is in the space and their training levels.
  • Once 4, 5, and 6 are completed, continue with standard Alley duties (tool assistance, training, ensuring safe working conditions, and working on space improvement projects).
  • As your hour(s) come to a close, quickly check to see if 4, 5, and 6 need to be repeated.
  • Remember to fill out the daily report.
  • If it is not the end of the day, wait for the next Maker Coach to arrive before leaving.
  • Remember to check out on the Maker Coach Check In/Out form and remove your vest.

Closing Procedures

  • Take any items that do not belong and place them as lost and found in the office.
  • Make sure that all tools are put away and locked up.
  • Reset the layout.
  • Check the Alley for any considerable messes, such as debris or scrap material. Vacuum, sweep, or throw out this debris and place larger still-usable pieces which have been left behind into appropriate storage.
  • Make sure that the back door is locked and closed all of the way.
  • Make sure that all machines and tools are unplugged.
  • Check bathrooms and make sure that they are all clear. Turn off the lights in the bathrooms.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Make sure that the office is locked up.
  • Make sure that the main door is locked and all the way shut behind you.

Missing Hours

If you anticipate that you will miss a shift, it is imperative that you first find someone else to cover your shift, and second that you contact the Staff Coordinator so that you can explain your absence before we mark you as missing. Missing hours three times without a valid excuse or substitute can lead to losing extended hour access for a semester, or even removal of title of Maker Coach, so it is important that you do not miss them!

Buying Items and Inventory

It is the duty of all Maker Coaches to look for missing and broken tools and report these findings to the Safety/Equipment Lead.

Be watching to see if there are any supplies that are running low or missing. This should be reported to the Operations Coordinators.

Storage of Projects

Personal projects are allowed to be stored in the space as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Project takes up a reasonable amount of space.
  • Project is clearly marked with name and contact information. If project is not marked, it will be assumed that the materials are up for grabs.
  • Project is consistently worked on and stored for a reasonable amount of time.

Things to look out for while on duty (or while in the Alley)

General Rules
  • No drugs or alcohol. This is a zero-tolerance policy.
  • No running.
  • No horseplay.
  • No personal tools may be brought into the space.
  • Tools cannot leave the space. They must be used in the space and then returned to their respective storage locations.
  • Clean up when working and leaving. Make sure that if anything is moved or borrowed that it is returned to its original location. There are reset signs around the space that indicate where bigger objects are to be located when not in use.
  • Always listen to the Maker Coaches.
  • Do not be wasteful. If something was not fully used, put it back. Someone might be able to use that scrap.
  • If any supplies are brought in by a Maker, they must be approved by a Maker Coach. A list of items that are and are not approved in the space are hanging near the front counter.
  • If any incident or accident occurs, it must be reported to a Maker Coach for proper documentation.
Safety Area (past the striped yellow and black line)
  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times. A pair will be given to the Maker, and it will be their responsibility to remember to bring them every time they come to the space. In the case that they forgot their safety glasses, there will be a couple of pairs at the desk to borrow, but they must return them when they check out.
  • Hair must be pulled back if dangling farther than the shoulders. Hair ties are available at the front counter if a maker does not already have one with them.
  • Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times. Closed toed shoes must cover the entire foot (i.e. no Toms or flats).
  • No loose fitting clothing is to be worn. This includes, but is not limited to, baggy shirts, hoodie strings, and baggy pants.
  • No dangling objects are to be worn (i.e. jewelry or lanyards).
  • No earbuds/headphones (excluding assisted hearing devices).
  • There is to be no food or drinks.
Other things to be looking out for
  • Obvious improper use of tools
  • Incident statements or the occasional “Oh Sh&!^” statements made by anyone while in the Alley
  • People in large groups/crowding
  • Blood
  • Fire hazards
  • General potential safety hazards
  • Lost items/Stuff left behind
  • People who should not be working in the Alley (too tired to work, drunk, etc…)

Standards of Excellence

  • Stay alert
  • Introduce yourself to users as they enter the door. Find out the user’s level of knowledge.
  • If this is the person’s first experience in the space, go through all the necessary steps.
  • Enforce safety policies
  • If you know you cannot make your hours, find a sub. Missing hours without finding a substitute will result in suspension of after hours access. Repeat offenses will result in termination.
  • After hours access is for the Maker Coaches only. Bringing a non-Maker Coach is fine, but you must be in the room at the same time as them. If a non-Maker Coach wants to use the tools during this time, it is the Maker Coach’s responsibility to make sure that that person is trained to use the tool. Unsupervised individuals after hours will be asked to leave and the Maker Coach who let them in (if applicable) will have access suspended for a time determined by the Leadership Team.
  • Never give your HuskyCard to anyone, that is against the user agreement that you agreed to when you were given your HuskyCard.
  • Communicate poor Maker Coach performance and behavior to the Staff Coordinator, you will remain anonymous.

When standards are not met, the Leadership Team will choose whether or not to dismiss the Maker Coach in a case by case basis.

Disciplinary Procedures

In the event that a Maker does not follow the rules of the Alley, inform them of their wrong doing and ask that they correct it. If they refuse, then ask them to leave. Collecting their information, pass the information on to the Operations Coordinators, and the Operations Coordinators will follow up with the situation. Do not publicly humiliate banned users.

In the event of a Maker Coach breaking protocols or not meeting standards, the Leadership Team will evaluate the case and determine outcomes. The most common outcome will be temporary restriction of after hours access, with length of suspension depending on infraction severity. Maker Coaches under restrictions will still be expected to show up to hours and fulfill duties, but may not use the Alley after hours unless supervised by another Maker Coach who is in good standing. If it is found that the Maker Coach sneaks in after hours or has another incident while on suspension, then the Maker Coach will be terminated.