Emergency Procedures

Dial 9-1-1
Michigan Tech Public Safety: 906-487-2216
  • Consult the Red book located in the office. Emergency protocol per machine can be found on the wiki for each machine.
  • In the event of an Emergency that has resulted in injury or possible loss of life dial 9-1-1 immediately. A phone is located in the office.
  • If there is a fire, and it is small, put it out and clear the smoke, even if the fire alarm goes off. Make sure that you always have an exit in the process.
  • Always evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds. Proceed to a safe location at least 100 feet from the exit.
  • Report all fires to the Michigan Tech Public Safety.
  • If there is blood, contact facilities to clean it up. Make sure that all contaminated items are disposed of properly (e.g. no bloody razors in the trash unless in a labeled container)
  • There is a first aid kit in the office, know where it is and get familiar with what is in it.
  • If you are alone after hours when there is an emergency, get to a phone as quickly as possible and call for help. If you are working alone at night, be sure that you have a cell phone or access to a phone and 9-1-1 and Michigan Tech Public Safety‚Äôs phone numbers are on hand.
  • If in doubt, CALL FOR HELP. It is always better to be on the safe side.