Volunteer as a Maker Coach in the Alley!

Are you interested in helping out in the Alley? We are looking for motivated volunteers with an interest in “making” who would be willing to volunteer their time (approx. 2-3 hours per week) to help staff the space during the school year as a “Maker Coach”. As a Coach, you will earn access to use the space outside of regular operating hours and have an opportunity to help shape the space as it continues to develop in the future.

Coaches should have an interest in helping others learn and be excited about creating an inclusive culture of “making” here at Michigan Tech. No previous knowledge of machinery or tools is required, but you should be interested in learning more about the tools used in the space.

As a moderator of the space, you will learn to quickly identify unsafe practices and advise users on how they can use the tools safely. Coaches will also share personal knowledge and experiences to help others with what they are working on. Your role will be vital for smooth operation of the new Makerspace, and will improve the experience for Makers all across campus.

Express your interest here