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Student Leadership

Magann Dykema

Student Director

Hey! I'm a fourth year student at Michigan Tech. My passion for creativity and thinking outside the box was introduced to me at a young age, and I love when I get a chance to be a part of anything that lets me explore it more. In my spare time, you can find me bowling at the nearest lanes, cheering on the Detroit Tigers, or watching Gilmore Girls with a cup of coffee.

Denzil Cotera

Safety/Equipment Coordinator

Denzil Cotera is a senior Mechanical Engineer with a Spanish minor and who has a strong interest in manufacturing. He has skills in wood working, boat repair, and tool knowledge. Denzil has worked for Mercury Marine as a Manufacturing Co-op and Greenheck as an International Applications Engineer and has a vast cultural experience as he has lived in three different countries and speaks three different languages. Denzil has a strong passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others and is every excited to be part of The Alley.

Emil Johnson

Operations Coordinator

Hey there, how’s she going aye? My name is Emil Johnson and I am a fourth year Biomedical / Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Tech. I moved to Houghton four years ago with the bold belief I told myself many others, “Because I like the snow”, and to also begin my academic career at Michigan Tech. Four years later and this belief is still holding true, but is a part of something much more, I now realize. It takes a special kind of person to live in the great white north, and I have been honored to meet so many of them. I have fallen in love with the culture of the U.P., the landscapes and everything in between. Outside of school, you can find me enjoying the weather no matter the temperature. In these past four years I’ve spent my free time attempting to utilize all of the U.P’s natural resources by mountain biking the harbor, rowing down the canal, and skiing in the miles of endless trails. The U.P. has challenged me mentally and physically, who knew I was U.P. for such a challenge.

Tom Prica

Community Coordinator

Hello, my name is Tom Prica, I am at tech pursuing a bachelors in electrical engineering technology and a minor in industrial controls and data acquisition. At school I work as a lab assistant for the EET department where I get to help facilitate hands on learning with electronics and industry software. Outside of school I enjoy volleyball, swimming, and disassembling stuff without knowing how to put it back together.

Gi West

Community Coordinator

Gi comes from the considerably less snowy and less cold southeast Michigan. She came to Michigan Tech probably because she likes the snow. She joined the great sea of Mechanical Engineers so now most of the free time, which went to interests like playing piano, drawing, and writing, now is spent on calculus and physics. Her favorite food is Thai curry, although spicy burritos are also high on the list. She is interested in the Makers Space by the prototyping and creation of new ideas and loves to use woodworking machines and the 3D printer.

John Wyrzykowski

Equipment Coordinator

John Wyrzykowski is a third year Mechanical Engineering major at Michigan Tech. He has loved engineering from a young age, and loves woodworking and using the Space to accomplish his goals. He has had multiple engineering internships, and is eager to apply those skills and knowledge to improve the Makerspace. In addition to engineering, John loves the outdoors, and is an avid climber, skier, and mountain biker.


Operations Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Staff Coordinator, Funds Coordinator, or Marketing Coordinator

We're always looking for new members interested in being part of the leadership team and helping shape the Alley. If you're interested in any of the positions listed above, please feel free to reach out!


AJ Hamlin

Senior Lecturer, Engineering Fundamentals

Christopher Plummer

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

David Dixon

Biosafety Officer, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety Office

Kent Cyr

Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Mary Raber

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College

Nathan Manser

Instructor, Engineering Fundamentals

Bob Hiltunen

Director of Auxiliary Services


Adam Scholl

Alex Basaj

Alex Israels

Alex Kuhn

Cassie Zimmer

Chelsey Rock

Cody Creel

Connor Hensley

Cora Jarman

Elijah Young

Jaden Coe

John Schneiderhan

Lydia Wohlfeil

Martin Mueller

Matthew Stawicki

Max Casler

Michael Patrick

Peter Zhu

Ronald Kyllonen

Sam Bulthuis

Samuel Dlugoss

Sarah Lorenz

Theo Wachowski

Xochi Hubbel-Fox

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