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Bringing the old MUB Basement to life with an awesome space for creators, makers, tinkerers, designers, inventors, (whatever you prefer to call yourself), takes a lot of work. Interested in helping out? Sign up here!

Student Leadership

Gi West

Student Director

Hi, I’m a certified crazy person named Gi. I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering Student with a love for leadership, making the world a better place, and building community. I also love to 3D print, make things out of wood, and sew, just to name a few things. When I’m not in the Makerspace, you can find me working for Sound and Lighting Services or at the Rozsa Center, or in my hall, the Visual Performing Arts Community, in West Wads.

Magann Dykema

Outgoing Student Director

Hey! My name is Magann, and I'm a fifth year student at Michigan Tech. My passion for creativity and thinking outside the box was introduced to me at a young age, and I love when I get a chance to be a part of anything that lets me explore it more. I was the Student Director in the Alley for the 2017-2018 school year and am helping out with the administration of the space before I graduate in Spring 2019. In my spare time, you can find me bowling, cheering on the Detroit Tigers, or watching Gilmore Girls with a cup of coffee.

Alex Israels

Programming Coordinator

Hello! My name is Alex Israels, and I am third year student here at Michigan Tech. My major area of study is computer engineering with a minor in business economics. I have always loved the idea of turning an idea into a reality as fast and as simple as possible. Now in a world with 3D printers and CNC machines among other desktop tools I am so excited to help other makers turn their ideas into a reality. In my free time I look forward to playing games with my friends, going golfing and fishing, and making things.

Emil Johnson

Operations Coordinator

Hello Makers! My name is Emil Johnson and I am a fifth year Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Tech. As a dual degree myself, I have a strong belief in the importance of a well rounded set of skills, and that is why I enjoy working in the Alley. I love having the opportunity to work with students from all different disciplinary backgrounds and help them diversify their skills from brainstorming ideas, to bringing their projects to life through the use of a wide variety of tools at their disposal. It is amazing to see what people can do once they are confident in their own abilities.

Asa Pierce

Craft Club Ambassador

Hi, I’m Asa! I’m a third year working towards a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in environmental applications. I enjoy making props from video games and movies in any medium, but foam is my favorite. I’ve always wanted to help make a community around building, so the Makerspace is the perfect place to do that! Seeing the wide range of projects pass through is always great. In my free time I like to cross country ski, paint, and play video games.

John Schneiderhan

Safety/Equipment Coordinator

Why hello! My name is John Schneiderhan and I’m the Library Technology Specialist at Michigan Tech’s J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library. I am passionate about education, emerging (and forgotten skills and trades) technologies, collaboration between disciplines and the creating something awesome from things found around the garage or The Alley. I enjoy working, playing and enjoying the beauty of the Upper Peninsula with friends and family.

John Wyrzykowski

Equipment Coordinator

My name is John Wyrzykowski, and I'm a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major at Michigan Tech. I have loved engineering from a young age, and love woodworking and using the Space to accomplish my goals. I have had multiple engineering internships, and am eager to apply those skills and knowledge to improve the Makerspace. In addition to engineering, I love the outdoors, and am an avid climber, skier, and mountain biker.

Tom Prica

Community Coordinator

Hello, my name is Tom Prica, I am pursuing a bachelors in electrical engineering technology and a minor in industrial controls and data acquisition. At school I work as a lab assistant for the EET department where I get to help facilitate hands on learning with electronics and industry software. Outside of school I enjoy volleyball, swimming, and disassembling stuff without knowing how to put it back together.


AJ Hamlin

Senior Lecturer, Engineering Fundamentals

Bob Hiltunen

Director of Auxiliary Services

Christopher Plummer

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

David Dixon

Biosafety Officer, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety Office

Kent Cyr

Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Lisa Casper

Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Pavlis Honors College

Mary Raber

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College

Maker Coaches

Adam Scholl

Alex Kuhn

Asa Pierce

Ben Miller

Cassie Zimmer

Chelsey Rock

Cody Tuftee

Forest Collins

Fred Poddig

Jaden Coe

Jaideep Singh

Kyra Pratley

Landon Van Acker

Martin Mueller

Noah Skrzypczak

Ron Kyllonen

Sam Bulthuis

Sam Dlugoss

Theo Wachowski

Zeb Jones

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