What’s the point?

Collaboration, motivation, learning, uniting ideators with makers, meeting new people!

Why 2 people?

You will be randomly paired with one other person for the whole 2 hours. Pairs will chat, throw around some ideas, brainstorm, strategize, and implement a very focused prototype. Groups of 2 tend to have high engagement and low disagreement. Ideators will be paired with makers (ideators can also be makers).

Why 1 prototype?

Working on something real tends to get the ideas and energy flowing. For idea people, the meeting can be an easy and fun way to finally get a start on that prototype you’ve been thinking about. For makers, it can be a low stress way to get motivated and connected.

Why 0 commitment?

By attending the event, you aren’t committing to anything beyond the 2 hours. This keeps the stress low and ensures you’ll meet a new person. Some pairs may opt to continue the relationship afterward, but that will be the exception rather than the rule.

What should I bring?

Nothing is required. Makers can bring anything they may need that we do not have in the space. Ideators should bring an idea or two.

What if we don’t get anything done?

No problem. You still met an interesting new creative-minded person, had some fun conversations, and most likely learned a lot and got your brain really fired up for 2 hours.

What type of things should we work on?

2 hours isn’t much time so pick a simple and achievable goal - a subset of your larger idea. Start with some brainstorming. Then maybe… Mock up some of the UI on paper, construct something from straws and pipe cleaners, 3D print a quick model. Make a very focused prototype out of popsicle sticks and hot glue, an app, or a piece or two of the larger idea. Do a proof-of-concept or make a simple page on Facebook. It’s really up to you!

Are there general guidelines?

  1. Collaborate - work together not apart.
  2. Keep the dialog going throughout the night including during building, making, prototyping, sketching, programming, etc.
  3. Encourage and incorporate your partner’s ideas. Give them equal time to talk.
  4. The idea person is not in charge - but rather has equal say regarding what to do.

What if makers get paired with makers?

We’ll provide some sample ideas, or you can brainstorm and come up with your own.

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